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We have a super collection of Vintage and Retro Planes, Airlines and Travel metal, enamel, Porcelain and tin signs. Our collection includes Porcelain Airline signs like: Allegheny, American, Braniff, Capital, Continental, Eastern, Fokker, Flying Tigers, Ozark, Midway, Pan American, Piedmont, Midway, Northwest, United, USAIR and TWA. Then we have another list (sorry) of Manufacture” also Porcelain; Curtis, Cessna, Beech Aircraft Co. a vintage Boeing, Stearman, Kite Fox, Gravnille Bros. Aircraft, Lycoming Engines and Piper Cub. We have a number of other Porcelain, Enamel, Tin and Metal signs as well.

     The category involves travel so here are a few of the destination signs we carry; Alaska, Atlantic City, San Francisco, Chicago, Santa Monica, Tahiti, Fiji, Ireland, Europe, Sydney, Pango Pango, Suva, Yo-semit-te, Yellow Stone and my favorite, a Miami Beach sign for Eastern Airlines that advertises “only ten hours from New York! There are also a great number of signs for Hawaii. Plus there are a signigicant number of Vintage and Retro signs that are not listed, all have hole(s) for easy mounting.