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Vintage TV shows like “The Andy Griffith Show” with signs like Aunt Bee’s Kitchen, Men of Mayberry sign, and of course the one from the opening scene of the show with Andy and Opie going fishing. Plus, the vintage Fife Security Agency and Barney, Bloodhound of the Law sign.

     And what collection would be complete without The Dukes of Hazzard! With Daisy Posing by a “Boars Nest” sign, the General Lee and last but not least the Bo and Luke with Daisy and the rest of the gang in the background. Don’t miss out on these vintage metal and tin signs with holes in each corner for easy mounting. Plus there is one other from “CHiPS”, Ponch’s Love Meter sign. We have other great vintage signs like the Three Stooges and Lucy, but since there are so many of each one, they got their own page in this website! Keep checkin back, we are always adding new signs.