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Great ideas for home decor as well as Office decor, Bar decor, shop decor, rec room decor, garage decor, kids room, kitchen decor, laundry room decor, bathroom decor and just about any place you want to decorate.  And of course Nautical decor. 

Metal Pirate Signs, including, Blackbeard's Tattoo Parlor, Blackbeard's Brewing Company, Blackbeard's Casino and Blackbeard's Saloon, with great graphics and detail on heavy metal plates with the rich enamel finish.  Then there is the Pirate Skull with a map of the Caribbean also with the enamel finish.  A "Captain for Hire" sign on heavy metal with an arched top, great color and detail make this a must for any Sea faring Captain.  A Pirate Trading sign, Beatings will continue sign, Jolly Rogers sign, Pirate advisory Rated ARRGH sign which is great for the TV room, home theatre room, bar or rec room.  There are decorative Titanic Life Rings, Titanic Poop Deck sign, Titanic Screw Room sign, plus Several Titanic Poster Sign, made on metal.  There is a Cunard Line sign advertising the Lusitania and Mauretania Cruise Ships, on heavy metal with an very durable Enamel finish.  There are signs for the Outer Banks, Queen Mary, sea shells, the Duchess of Devonshire, Oceanic Steamship Company Europe - Sydney just to name a few.  Plus there are currently three different size completely assembled modes of the Titanic, 14", 23" and 40".