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We have 215 different signs in this category, eight different Vintage, Retro Campbell soup can labels, all eight of these Retro Tin and metal signs are out of print, once these classic signs are gone, they are gone. We have seven different vintage Hot Dog signs, three different Classic Hamburger signs, a French Fries sign, two ham signs & a Great Retro Harris Bacon sign.

                We have Condiments, 3 different vintage Morton Salt signs, vintage enamel & tin Maple Syrup signs, Old time Cereal Signs, Heinz Pickle signs and a “Practice Safe Lunch, Use Condiments” tin sign. There are Moon Pies, vintage tin Hostess Cup Cake signs, Pizza, Popcorn, Cracker Jack and Pretzel signs. Other Vintage signs include, Mr. Peanut Porcelain sign, Reese’s, Hershey’s Dots, Sugar Daddy, Vintage Tootsie Roll signs, five different Pez Dispenser signs, Junior Mints, Popsicles and Sundaes.

     A rustic, vintage Pillsbury Dough boy sign, Sunbeam Bread, Merita “Lone Ranger” bread & Warner’s safe yeast retro sign. The Red Crab Café retro Wood Sign, Seafood, Fisherman’s Warf, Lobster and Clam signs. Plus many more.

     These signs are a mix of tin, metal, enamel, porcelain and wood, all have easy methods to hang them, nails screws etc. not included.

Great ideas for home decor as well as Office decor,, rec room decor, garage decor, kids room, kitchen decor, laundry room decor, bathroom decor and just about any place you want to decorate.