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We carry Great Mermaid Bath Salts Enamel signs and Mermaid Bath Soap signs, Mermaid Bath signs, Rose Fairy Bath Salts and Ayers Hair Vigor, Mermaid signs.  Then we have several different Vintage Pears Bath soap signs including "The puppy's bath and the Victorian Girl and her doll Pears signs, we also have Vintage Cashmere Soap, Light house Soap, Sunlight soap and Hudson's soap signs.  Plus "Fun to Wash, Washing Powder, Fairy Soap, and the soap used on the Titamic, Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap.  Plus a few others

There is a well detailed Vintage Enamel Gerneral Store sign, a Bibbins Tooth Powder sign, a Clark Stanley's Snake Oil sign and three very vintage old fashion medicine signs, Extract of Wild Strawberry, Ginger Root Compoundand Sassafras Brain Tonic signs. Plus vintage old time favorites like "Cod Liver Oil," Moxie, and Dr. Pierce's Golden Discover medicine.

Along with "Blue Moon" Silk stockings, a Marilyn Monroe add for "Lustre Cream Shampoo, Lucy in an add for "Woodbury Powder." and a "Save The Ta-Ta's sign.  Great for the powder room, bath room, Laundry room and other places too. Among these signs are ones of Tin, Enamel, Metal, Porcelain and the durable Sublimation Process signs. WITH HOLE(S) FOR EASY HANGING