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 Great ideas for home decor as well as Office decor, Bar decor, shop decor, rec room decor, garage decor, kids room, kitchen decor, laundry room decor, bathroom decor and just about any place you want to decorate.  And of course Nautical decor.

This is a section for the Nautically inspired individual, There are currently 91 different fully assembled, vintage Model ships & boats, tall ships, famous cutters, Civil War ships, cruise ships, even boats from movies and TV shows, all come fully assembled and ready to display. More items will be added in the months to come, keep checking back.  Including, the African Queen, Dawn Treader, Forest Gump’s Jenny, Gilligan’s Minnow, and several from Whale Wars, the Bridgete Bardow, Bob Barker and Steve Irvin, plus the Orca from Jaws. Dozens of fishing boats, “Sushi Bar:, “Knot Working” and “Liquid Asset” just to name a few.

     There are famous tall ships and cutters, Cutty Sark, Flying Cloud, Star of India, Christian Racich, Danmark, Lynx and the USCG Eagle, Bounty, and Beagle.  The Titanic, Normandi and Britannic to name a few. And civil war model ships, The Monitor and Hunley, with more to come in the near future.

   So far we have several different size models of Black Beard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirate ship and Captain Kidd’s Pirate Ship, the Black Falcon, with more to come in the near future.

     There are some Special Order signs  and that anyone can order, all of our customers are Special... order them like any other sign or item, it just takes a bit longer for you to recieve them.

                Great attention to detail and fine quality materials make these completely assembled model ships and boats ready to display!