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With over 400 different signs in this section, including 20 different Cats and Kittens, 34 different signs in the Children’s section, including a number of Besse Gutmann signs. We have 35 different Christmas signs, including reproductions of old Christmas cards on metal signs and for very colorful Christmas scenes on heavy metal with the rich Enamel finish. There are also 60 signs we have that still wouldn’t fit so we have a Misc. sign subsection, including Barber signs, Phone signs, Circus Poster signs, Tattoo signs plus many others. There are four in the make-up and meds section and 53 in the Soap, Make-up and meds section with a wide selection of soaps to choose from, plus a few meds, including some old fashion cures, and a couple different make-up signs.  Each with hole(s) to make hanging very easy.  These signs are especially nice in a powder room, bath room or laundry room, have fun decorating!